In the 1974 United States National Seniors Open Championship (predecessor to the Senior PGA Open), at the age of 64, Mike Austin drove a golf ball 515 yards, on level ground, with a persimmon head driver measuring 43 1/2" in length. The shot was favored by a tail wind thought to be about 30 miles per hour. It occurred on a course in Las Vegas known then as the Winterwood Golf Course, renamed the Desert Rose, and the layout of the hole on which it was accomplished is a long flat expanse where the green is fully visible from the tee about 450 yards away. The tee shot went considerably past the green.
That drive is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest ever in a competition sanctioned by the USGA.

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An accomplished golfer since early youth, Mike Austin has, in addition to being the holder of the Guinness Book of World Records for the Longest Drive in Competition (515 yards,) won one hundred and twenty eight (128) tournaments over a period of six decades, forty eight (48) long drive contests, and the 1978 U.S. National Open Senior Championship; he is a member of the U.S.A. Long Driving Team (350 Club). In 1984 Mike Austin, was voted the Southern California Golf Professional of Year, and in 1991 was voted one of the Top 50 Golf Instructors in the United States.